Civilpro Pty Ltd runs and maintains a fleet of Challenger tractors in a range of models from the smaller 65E, 85E and now the larger 95E models.
These machines have great pulling power and traction which is the requisite on most remote pipeline projects, especially when used in the pipe haul process on the ROW.
They are fitted with regulation ring feeder towing systems to interact with a transfer dolly and a normal road semi.

All the Challengers are fully converted to a primemover type braking system via the tractor brakes.The Hydraulic engine powered air system uses a normal air receiver to power all braking systems back to the fully loaded trailers.


Head Office:
Rocklea, Queensland
Mechanical maintenance and storage facility:
Goodna, Queensland

Orion Pipelines:
Perth, Western Australia
Orion Pipelines Storage and Fleet Hire.

Darwin Office:
Winnelie, Northern Territory

Managing and Servicing Projects throughout Australia and Oceania.
Specializing in the feasibility and logistical support of Projects in remote world areas.

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